indian removal act essay thesis

still greater are to be apprehended, this is not the tribunal which can redress the past or prevent the future." He was totally against the Removal act, but that didn't stop President Jackson. Native Americans could not be assimilated, their lands could not be protected from white settlers, and that moving Native Americans to the West would allow them to maintain their way of life. American tribes, exchanging their homelands for land in the West. He allowed laws to be passed so that they Indians would have to move west of the Mississippi. We force them out of their territory that we occupied, with guns to their heads, no food, and the separation of their families. This act, stripped the Native Americans from their political, legal, and human rights by dragging them out of their homes, forcing them to move elsewhere just so that early Americans could expand their land capacity.

Jackson couldve easily prevented their removal with the power he had, but he chose to drive them from. Attempts to assimilate Indians into the American culture began in the late 1780s. In 1831, the Choctaw were one of the first tribes to be removed, following the Seminole, the Creek in 1834, the Chickasaw and then in 1838 the Cherokees. How can such a powerful man, or monster, in which we voted to rule our country, do such a thing? We'll occasionally send you account related and promo emails. History A, baldwin,. Indian tribes unsettled western prairie land in exchange for their desirable territories within state borders (especially in the Southeast from which the tribes would be removed. After the removal, only a limited number of Native Americans stayed in their homelands.