Motion graphics essay

motion graphics essay

2-bit pixel can represent either black or white, while a 4-bit pixel can represent any of 16 different colors or shades of gray. Computer graphics have found widespread use in printing, product design and manufacturing, scientific research, and entertainment since the 1960s. In raster graphics, the computers memory stores an image as a matrix, or grid, of individual dots, or pixels (picture elements). Computers need large processing and memory capacities to translate the enormous amounts of information contained in a picture into the digital code of a bit map, and graphics software programs use special algorithms (computional processes) to perform these procedures. The computer can also generate hard copy by means of plotters and laser or dot-matrix printers.

The picture frame consists of hundreds of tiny horizontal rows, each of which contains hundreds of pixels. Those portions of the screen energized by the beam emit light, and changes in the intensity of the beam determine their brightness and hue. E., as essay on your first day at school two points on an x-y matrix. Frames of images on videotape also can be entered into a computer. Its application is now largely restricted to highly linear work in computer-aided design and architectural drafting, and even this is performed on raster-type screens with the vectors converted into dots. Their main disadvantage is that the images are subtly staircasedi.

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